ISO 26262

ISO 26262 a Pain in the ASIL?

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The explosion in the quantity and complexity of automotive software is well documented. ISO 26262 in its latest second edition form fine tunes the sound foundations established by the first edition version and extends it, not only to include other types of vehicle, but also to acknowledge the increasing impact of cybersecurity on the development of automotive software.There is clearly an incentive to minimise the ASIL applied to each element of a system, because of the reduced cost involved in achieving it. However, the whole principle of the assignment of ASILs for various automotive systems implies an assumption of separation, such that the most critical systems on a vehicle cannot be compromised by less critical functionality elsewhere. For a connected vehicle to be considered safe and compliant with the principles of ISO 26262 separation between systems must be optimized.With that assurance in place, the principle of ASIL decomposition can help minimize the overheads associated with functionally safe development that even now are relatively new to the automotive sector. Tools such as those provided by LDRA are well proven in other safety critical sectors, making them not only ideally placed to further optimize the route to compliance, but also better established than the standard itself!

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